Certificate of Insurance

Your professional liability is very important to us. At Brinn Marketing we have gone the extra step of becoming insured by biBERK Insurance Services, a Berkshire Hathaway Company:

Effective November 17, 2022

Our Clients will sometimes ask, “What is a Certificate of Insurance?” A Certificate of Insurance is a physical or digital document that indicates that a company has an active insurance policy and provides a summary of the coverage. These documents are sometimes called “ACORD certificates” after the nonprofit organization that provides the standardized form used by most insurers.

A Certificate of Insurance reassures our Clients that if any kind of professional liability (errors & omissions): claims-made our insurance will handle it and their risk will be minimized. Nobody wants to be liable for out-of-pocket payments or facing the time and expense associated with litigation because of someone else’s actions.

biBERK Insurance Services

If you have any questions or concerns over this Certificate of Insurance, please contact us at:

Professional Liability Concerns
c/o Brinn Marketing, LLC
Attn: Marketing Director
1183 University Dr Ste 105 #2082
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
Phone: (800) 284-4926

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