Working With BK Marketing Brand Was An Absolute Pleasure.

The team was not only very easy to work with but they also gave me lots of great advice on on-site concepts and themes that I might want to try or things I want to avoid. Everyone was very prompt with delivery dates which was very helpful because I was starting a new business and had a certain time-sensitive deadline I needed to hit. I would recommend BK Marketing Brand to anyone who would like or needs a website created or maybe even a revamp on an existing site.
Founder of Tiger Apparel

I Would Highly Recommend BK Marketing Brand For Any Of Your Website, SEO, And Marketing Needs.

BK Marketing Brand consulted with me about my website and I eventually selected them to design and deploy my site. During the consulting phase, they bought up several factors that I had never considered surrounding SEO and Marketing initiatives and once they were convinced I thoroughly understood all the potential pros and cons for each, we agreed on a design direction. The deployment of the site was rushed as they knew I was meeting with my first client and that they wanted to see my site operational. BK Marketing Brand delivered the finished product on time and I can’t thank them enough.
CEO, The David Dyer Group

Doing Business With BK Marketing Brand Was A Great Experience.

Their professional staff made everything a breeze, even for a team of website novices like ours. They were knowledgeable, detailed, and courteous. I would happily recommend them to anyone as one of the best and most affordable build teams out there and we looked a LOT!
Founder of StockofU

Their Use Of Color Was Extraordinary And The User-Friendliness Of The Site Has Garnered Compliments From Users Worldwide.

BK Marketing Brand designed and created a website for my business at my request. In an extremely timely manner, the team produced an extremely professional and creative website that was up and running in less than two weeks! They even created a custom logo for the homepage that completely complimented the whole website design.
Owner, Kaminari Kennels

Brinn Marketing Is The Consummate Professional Firm In Web Design.

Not only did the company provide me with fully customized sites for my business but their tutoring and educational services empowered me to take charge of the sites. Other companies offer low-price, do-it-yourself services that are great for hobbyists and small businesses. What BK Marketing Brand provided was the ability to maintain, backup, update, upgrade – all without the excessive extra charges of the other companies. I used to use one of those services but when anything went wrong I was paying exorbitant amounts of money to fix very small issues. With the sites that BK Marketing Brand built and taught me to manage I can change content, functionality, and make them show up well in search engines all without paying $1000s of dollars for the search engine optimization firms or cheap website setups. My business spends very little on advertising and my websites have brought me more customers than any paid advertising. You can’t afford not to have the right kind of website.

Owner, Insight Wellness

Nobody Is Even In Brinn Marketing’s Lane!

They design the best and most cutting-edge online universities. The website and concept they help me develop helped me get a national deal with Under Armour!
Actor, Speaker, World Famous Competitor

Jason Brinn Is Highly Skilled And Very Knowledgeable.

He was an amazing resource to go to for any web design questions. He would think outside of the box with difficult requests and was always up for the challenge. He has vast knowledge across multiple platforms and it was a pleasure working with him.

Yardi Systems, Inc.

I Am Very Grateful For All That I Learned From Him During Our Time Together.

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Brinn a couple of years ago. Not only is he brilliant, but he is also hard-working and dedicated. He certainly and very clearly has a passion for his work.
BridgeTower Media

I Would Definitely Recommend Jason To Anyone Who Is Interested In Working With Him.

Jason Brinn is an accomplished marketer who knows digital tools and why you use one versus another to accomplish a task, project, or campaign. He’s also highly knowledgeable about the business side of the digiverse. But more importantly, he’s great to work with because he’s curious, analytical, experienced, and always interested in optimum outcomes for everyone around him. I enjoyed working with Jason on medi’s digital projects because I knew he liked to find the best result and was willing to fully devote his mental energy and considerable experience to problem-solving and the tasks at hand.

Carolina Biological Supply Company

If you are searching for an innovative, techonologically savvy and educated individual, Jason will definetly fit the bill!

I worked with Jason during my time as a Web Designer/Project Manager at Yardi Systems. During this time we collaborated on client sites and he demonstrated a solid grasp of the system and corporate structure. He proved to be a creative, out-of-the-box thinker for solutions for clients to augment efficacy and customer satisfaction. He was always available to share ideas on usability solutions, and new technologies that would be beneficial to the company, clients and our working platform. I was always impressed by his ability to keep on task and complete client requests quickly, making him the team member that had clients “go-live” quicker than any other.
Blue Cross NC

It is a pleasure to recommend Jason Brinn.

Jason is astute, inquisitive, a quick learner, as well as determined to take up any challenge of which he is faced and find a solution. We worked closely together for several years. As his direct supervisor, I found him to be patience, kind, cooperative and worked well under pressure. If you need more info, please contact me directly at, Janis Dellinger-Holton, Ed.D, JRDH Educational Consulting.

Adjunct Professor Queens University

If you need a team working with you from A to Z, BK Marketing Brand is the company.

Honestly, very rarely I write a review with my opinion or experience but now I have the intention to help people who want to be successful in the online business, first you need to know what you want, second how do you want it to look your project and what effect you want to achieve in the market, and thirdly save time and money and hire BK Marketing Brand . They put color, flavor and efficiency to every project, I have been doing business with Jason and his team for a long time. From designs such as logos, labels, web pages and optimizing your website, implementing new strategies to make them more attractive to the market place and increase sales conversions.
Computershare U.S.

BK Marketing Brand has always been on the cutting edge of marketing technologies. From website building and SEO to full-blown social media platforms, they get the job done.

If you are NOT marketing and advertising….it is like a man winking at a girl across a darkened room. Nobody knows what you are doing and your target audience cannot see you. I have relied on BK Marketing Brand to help me in acquiring data about my target markets and provide direction about best ways to launch an ad campaign.
He has always been truthful and a great asset to my business. And I am not talking about only the local marketplace. I am also referring to his vast knowledge of the Internet Marketing platforms and cross integrations with your website.
You want my recommendation? Let BK Marketing Brand start with a website and hosting. Then add online branding and social media. It is total marketplace domination. When you show up 5 times on the first page of Google for a search, It means he pushed 5 of your competitors off the page. I give 5 Stars… High Marks all the way around for this professional.

Carolina Connections Solar

If you’re looking for someone to come along side you and help grow your business I would recommend Jason and BK Marketing Brand.

Jason has been always available and BK Marketing Brand has taken my website to a new level. I described the business I was looking for and Brinn Marketing refined my SEO and target marketing.
GO! Ministries

Over the last 2 decades we have worked with thousands of companies and sites. We have been honored to work with all of these companies, projects, and personalities. What follows is a list of companies, projects, and personalities that we have worked with and/or continue to work with:

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